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In order to expedite a loan request, please complete our application and personal financial statement, sign and return it to us along with the following:


1) Copies of your last two years personal tax returns (include all schedules).


2) Verification of YTD personal income (pay stubs, 1099’s etc.)


3) If self employed, please provide copies of the last two years corporate tax returns including copies of all K-1 income schedules and a year to date business financial statement.


4) Copies of bank and/or brokerage statements to verify liquid assets.


5) Copy of the purchase agreement on the RV or for a refinance, copy of original purchase agreement and/or inspection report.


Please note: The above is a standard credit package and when provided in its entirety will expedite the application process.

The link above can be completed in Microsoft Word or print out the PDF version and complete.


For more information or questions please call Frank at 954.614.3888 or email to


*Do not send confidential financial information via this email link.


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